Bamberg on the Main river – Old part of town World Heritage Site
German Castles Road, Franconia, Bavaria, South Germany,
Nuremburg / Nuremberg / Nurnberg airport 57 km, Bayreuth 72 km, Wurzburg 96 km, Rothenburg ob der Tauber 136 km, Frankfurt airport 217 km

Picture 1 Bamberg old city hall in the middle of the Regnitz river
Picture 2 Bamberg "Little Venice"
Picture 3 Bamberg – old part of town
Picture 4 Bamberg Imperial Cathedral
Picture 5 Bamberg rose garden
Picture 6 Gasthaus Stahl is a real gem of a place, in that wonderful, scenic location
Picture 7 The old brick arch wine cellar of the winery Stahl

Bacharach Rhine Germany

Welcome in Hotel
Gasthaus Stahl

Winery Stahl
Wine list, Wine cellar

Farm Stahl
Meat, sausage

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Old part of town
The predominantly undamaged city center, with over 2,000 protected historical buildings and monuments on approximately 250 hectares of land, makes Bamberg one of the largest, interconnected medieval cities of Europe. The "Bamburger Weg" , an established model for preservation and refurbishment of the city, with co-operation from other cities concerned with the preservation of historical monuments (Regensburg, Lübeck, Stralsund, Görlitz, Meißen) and multiple means of building preservation, won the city high-ranking acknowledgement. In 1993 the city of Bamburg was admitted into the UNESCO list of "world culture and nature heritage of mankind." 


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